Delsin Rowe Hooded Vest

Delsin Rowe Vest With Hood
Delsin Rowe Vest

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  • Exterior: Denim
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Soft Inner Viscose
  • Front: Button Closure
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Infamous: Second Son Delsin Rowe Hooded Blue Denim Vest

Infamous second son is the third part in the infamous series. It is a game exclusively designed for play station 4. Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist of the infamous second son. The game is about a world that is normally run and ruled by government suddenly the citizens got super powers and the circumstances that have been faced after this.

Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist and the successor to Cole MacGrath the main lead of the infamous series. Delsin Rowe is a 24 years old street artist who wore very trendy Hooded Vest that can easily transforms the personality of a youngster. Delsin Rowe Hooded Vest from Infamous second son is fashionable and trendy.

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